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I really enjoyed the show, only managed to watch it yesterday.
We were gob smacked at the fare to Newcastle, 300, we thought we had miss heard and rewound it. That is pure greed on the railways part. How on earth can they justify that amount of money for a return fare? I immediatly said it would be cheaper to fly which the man buying also mentioned.
I also can't get over the amount of money the train drivers earn, double gob smack.
The cleaning lady made us laugh, how can you tell if a rat does not look well?
Those training days hey, they are boring. These companies just try to brain wash you, you get treated like a robot at times.
It moved me when the driver was retireing after so many years, gosh he will be like a fish out of water without his job, you could tell he had a passion for it.
It didn't suprise me to hear that most of the new recruits these days are on fixed term contracts. It seems it's going on throughout industry.
Very interesting programme and we are looking forward to watching the rest of the series.
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