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Don't know if it's been mentioned already, but the one I cannot bear to watch is the quit smoking one where cancerous mutations appear on the cigarette according as the guy smokes it! Just disgusting!
I think that's the point.
Still not very nice for us non smokers though, especially as we all know, the pig headed smokers will still be puffing "one last fag" as they are wheeled into surgery.

No. 7 "tah dah" irritates me so much I have to turn the sound off! The woman doesn't even say tah dah, she says dur dum, very quietly. Surely tah dah should be said with a flourish or it loses it's point.

Also the macmillan ad which is shown incessantly. Don't they think of the people who died of cancer & relive it every time one of the people falls over?? There are better & more considerate ways they could have illustrated what macmillan nurses do.
Agree on both points, the TA dah is so wimpy you wonder why she bothers, it is almost and the Macmillans ad is just , I like the other ads with them sitting with people and the patients saying how helpful they were, (although the nurse with the faint Midlands accent always reminds me of Julie Walters for some reason).

it's the name of the show.
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