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While I'm about it, why all the secrecy about the former detective who says he was part of the Operation Orchard investigation?

Also in the week a senior Met Police Officer has been arrested for alledgedly leaking material to the press, and recently another senior officer was banged up for briefing the press, how come a 'highly confidental' briefing to senior officers regarding the arrest of a politician in a few weeks is leaked ?

Operation Fernbridge seems to be leaking like a sieve.
I think the arrests of police officers leaking to the press was because it was an investigation about the press, which would be similar to someone in the Met alerting paedophiles who might be arrested.

At least these leak/s are to the public and perhaps it is to inform us that the evidence might now be strong enough to arrest those involved. Why they are not arrested now, rather than in a few weeks, is strange. Will it happen?

I've also been trying to find out about what happens to convicted paedophiles. It would seem in some cases their sentences are/have been very lenient, even in the most abhorrent cases. I don't understand this at all.
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