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Also the macmillan ad which is shown incessantly. Don't they think of the people who died of cancer & relive it every time one of the people falls over?? There are better & more considerate ways they could have illustrated what macmillan nurses do.
Very similar to what I said about it on the last thread. I haven't really seen anyone speak out in favour of this ad on here yet. I've only had the misfortune of seeing it once but it sounds like it's getting played a lot. Once is bad enough. Sorry Macmillan but pull the ad and go back to the drawing board. Admit you messed up. You helped my mum greatly when she was dying but this ad is in bad taste in my opinion and from reading on here, many others.

And whilst I'm on here, I just nearly brought up my breakfast twice seeing the EMBARRASSING BODIES advert being played during the ads on Sunday Brunch and an earlier programme.

Gruesome skin conditions and ailments being flashed up for a few seconds at a time, you idiots at channel 4 think it's really necessary to go into that much graphic detail in a trailer? Of course you do. It's the type of sensationalist advertising I have come to expect for such a guttural show.

If I can't avoid the programme by not watching it, I may have to avoid your channel altogether channel 4!
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