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However, I imagine wading through hundreds of hours of news is not only tedious but incredibly depressing. Like others have said, there's a lot easier and lighter targets and I kind of don't blame him for easing up once in a while.
I do. In addition to himself, he has a team looking at footage from many sources, and this is the first new full 'wipe' series of some form for a while, so more thought should've gone into it.

Adam Buxton is the master at reading out YouTube comments. I've not seen it done better than here:
Ta for the link. That was good stuff. I am sucking on my own balls while watching that

It wasn't just the news though. I remember great features where he deconstructed 'Mission' documentaries, Reality television, house based and Boardroom based.
Plus he did a great feature on the life of somebody trying to work their way up in television.
I also remember a piece he did where he described how much his own show cost.
Trouble is, he's done all this, so trying to come up with something new isn't easy, and if he can't do it, then is it worth making a half-arsed job?

That may be the problem...that he's on BBC 2 now.
His annual wipes have been on BBC2 for a while also, but they're mostly good, although the last one went off the boil a bit.

I think the time has come that anyone who claims something isn't original or is no longer original or, even worse, is likened to something akin to having jumped the shark should be given a stark choice:

(a) either come up with something original themselves
There's some good stuff out there. I make mash-ups and some people like them, but in trying to get them seen by lots of people, it's not easy on Youtube unless you're a vaguely attractive teenage girl, according to the later segments of some episodes of Rudetube, and I'm none of those aspects.

That said, one of my mash-ups did feature on Rudetube so I must do something right occasionally.
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