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I've seen many cases in which the victims have varied from very young children to teenagers, so there are people out there who are attracted to both.
Maybe there's another label? I really don't know...thats just what I was told (at the dinner table as well lol she very matter of fact-ly mentions that the medical definition of a paedophile indicates they can only physically perform *cringe* with pre-pubescent children and young teens and she said it makes perfect sense, looking back at it now, why he would host the shows he was involved in, for the access to children etc. and she said that people like that would find it uninteresting or even difficult to work with or maintain 'proper' friendships and relationships with adults. I wasn't expecting to hear about such frank things before tucking into my dinner, so suggested the conversation end there before I got put off my food LOL thats the last time I heard my family mention anything to do with the scandal actually. It was only brought up as we had the news on and it was the big news at the time). I think the public would generally recognise it to mean anyone who is attracted to people under 16 anyway.
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