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I dont post very often about Liz Jones and usually my point is if you dont like her why read her.

It is not that I am an apologist for her, far from it, I think she is very low in her arrogance and slating everything that she wants and cant have while she writes and behaves as she does.

I dont read her often as I dont buy the paper, if I see her online, if the title goads me into reading it, I will and todays was indeed just that again, preposterus in her pretentions.

But she seems to thrive on her (hate) mail, a harsh word but quite often it is and just drones on and on even about that. I feel if she was ignored, not replied to and told to go away like many of the fashion designers have said to her, one day, just one day, she might get the message as she obviously hasnt yet.

The long thread about her apologists seems really angry, why get angry about her, she is a sad frump of a woman, is ridiculed the length and breadth of the country and cant get a decent man to save her life. Whats to get angry about?
Gilliedew, I am sorry you think I sound angry.

Well, actually, I do get angry at Liz Jones because what she does and writes actually hurts people, and animals. She hurts her mother (or would do if her mother were compos mentis enough to know what is being written, not to mention Beabarb's point); she hurts other family members by dragging their problems into her writings; she hurts numerous people she has dealings with by insulting them in print; she hurt her neighbours and tradespeople in Dulverton; she hurts her animals by anthropormorphising them and not treating them properly and humanely as circumstances demand.

You obviously are interested enough to read this thread, but it is the people who, like you, ask why we read her if we don't like her, but who actually defend her, that I am challenging here. I simply want to know whether they can actually come up with supporting evidence of their claims to her wit, real love of animals and talent as a writer. She seems to have a talent to get the DM to pay her a lot of money and, as you say, it generates a huge albeit nowadays largely negative response. To date nobody who claims to like her can give examples of why!
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