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The first 3 that stick out for me are Ashley McKenzie, Louis Smith and Anthony Ogogo!

Do you have any opinions or personal stories about these athletes?

Ashley Mckenzie

He decided to join Celebrity Big Brother 2012, why he was actually chosen I have no real idea. My guess is his background.

Ashley has OCD and ADHD combined and was expeled from school, went to a special needs school and even ended up in Young Institution.

He went to lose at the Olympics which was always going to get the trolls hunger to insult. Plus his time in the CBB house wasn't amazing to some.

His almost stalking of model Rhian Sugden was frowned upon as he just didn't seem to understand being rejected and handled it all wrong. Some say he was teased?

His age was 23 at the time I believe but he seemed to be treated like a baby and acted immaturely for his age.

His relationship with MC Harvey was the biggest killer for him as he may as well have been a dog on a lead and seemed easily influenced! Harvey himself in my opinion was not very nice anyway!

Ashley incoherent slang doesn't help matters either!

His BBC documentary was very interesting to watch and I really enjoyed it! He seemed to keep his ADHD well controlled in the house considering he had to give up his pills for his sport? Did he have pills in the CBB house?

On the positive side we have got to see the athlete butt naked and see that he has a hose pipes in his pants when getting his morning wood on!

Some would say he has come a long way and is a good representative of GB, what do you think? - Ashley modelling for The Gay Times! - Ashley in his BBC documentary - Aslhey and Harvey's Bromance on CBB - Ashley representing GB at the Olympics promo! - The famous morning wood picture!

Louis Smith

Has starred in Strictly Come Dancing and went on to win it! A good achievement really.

However due to that appearance all the negatives soon turned to negativity (as Britain's are excellent at doing aka moaning). He get's accused of being a cheat because of his past background in Gymnastics, he get's accused of winning for being a pretty boy, he gets accused of being arrogant and boring at the same time and the biggest of all is that he gets accused of being homosexual.

This opportunity has brought him photo shoot deals which means he gets to pose naked in gay magazines and so on... well we can't have that because he is ugly apparently. Slightly cruel?

Plus he is now the face of Subway EAT FRESH! Well done!

If he is gay then why does it matter? Why does that overshadow all his extremely hard work over the years to represent us and get some medals in the process!

Finally he has maanged to bag an MBE from the Queen! Biggest achievement of all surely?! Even though some responded with "What has he done to get one", surely pure jealously!?

Personally I think he is a great role model and he to has overcome severe ADHD and is not bad to look at either! - Training for the Olympics at a young age

http://autisticson.files.wordpress.c...th_2812529.jpg - Louis wins his medal for GB! - Awarded a MBE by The Queen! - Naked in photo shoot! - Subway!

Anthony Ogogo

This boxer has actually starred in Big brother (Big Brother Hijack) in the past and used it as a way to get to the big time.

His behavior in the house was questionable at times some might say but recently he has also become the fact of Subway which is a good thing yes?

He recently starred in SPLASH which was seen by some as car crash tv!

Personally I don't know to much about him.

Do they need to concentrate BACK to being athletes and helping others or should they continue to have their fame time and let off steam after all that hard work? - With his gold - Photo shoot - In CBB Hijack - Subway Advert!

Is Ashley immature and kind of creepy?
Is Louis gay or just a cruel snipe?
Does Anthony have a bigger package then his rival Jake from Benidorm
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