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It was implied to me that the medical definition of a paedophile is someone who is exclusively sexually attracted to that age group, which is why they try to be surrounded by young people in their workplace etc. because their not emotionally able to maintain relationships with adults, they only feel comfortable around and attracted to much younger people.

The issue is the exclusivity. If thats the case then presumably they can't hold other labels, either they are one and are only attracted to people that young and would have no interest in older teens or adults, or their not one at all (unless what I was told was wrong but it was a close relative who is a social worker who told me that and I'm pretty sure she'd know what she was talking about).

It does seem that with JS, he was a particularly peculiar 'character' as it were - someone else previously stated that maybe he should have been labelled with a condition we're yet to discover. I think its pretty safe to say that at the very least he was a sociopath with psychopathic tendencies and a child molester though, so it seems.
A person could be a paedophile , ephebophile or a hebephile or indeed be all three.

Lets also not forget many paedophiles ephebophiles and hebephiles are married and have sex with their adult partners so a liking for children of varying ages does not stop them having sex with adults, though of course children may be their preference.
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