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Can't speak for the others as I haven't followed them, but I don't think Louis Smith has done anything to embarrass himself (or GB) at all! Quite the opposite!

- 1st gymnast to win a medal for GB in 100 years in 2008
- Captain of GB team that won an unexpected team medal in 2012
- Silver medal (that many agree should have been Gold) in 2012
- He's the reason the sport of gymnastics has much more funding than ever before and is now over-subscribed with aspiring kids
- Winner of Strictly Come Dancing by a reported very wide margin of the public vote.
- Winner of 29 out of 31 shows on the SCD Tour
- MBE award
- People keep saying what a nice person he is when they meet him

I know the first three points aren't media related but still worth mentioning. He's put in the work, let him have some fun in his down time. In my opinion, he was entitled to enjoy a little bit of the celebrity life and he has said that he now plans to step back from entertainment and focus on mentoring and charity work. Plus being an active sportsperson has a short shelf life. He'll be 27 by the next Olympics so who should blame him for trying to find other ways to make a living.
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