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She does talk a load bollards, why would anyone believe what she says?

At the time of her split she said it had been disccused with the family who were happy for her, then her latest biog she said her youngest son was upset by her romance with Lincoln and kept deleting his number from her phone.

So what is now Denise and Lincoln's spell in hospital making you realise you have to change your lifestyle making you realize you are an alcoholic?

Yet last year didn't she tell a magazine she'd given up the drink after Lincoln played back a video of her drunk and didn't she repeat this claim in a TV interview.

How come her partners can't speak for themselves, is it because she's thought of as more convincing?
agreed, she just seems to drag up a new story to fit. Alcoholic, as saltydog said, 'no s*** Sherlock'. Denise told us this news years ago, don't understand this latest interview. I guess she may think it's better reading than 'I fell off the wagon'
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