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There have been rumours about anti-comics
crusader Fredric Wertham falsifying
his research for years, but now University
professor Carol L. Tilley has uncovered proof:

For example, in “Seduction,” Wertham links “Batman” comic books to the case of a 13-year-old boy on probation and receiving counseling for sexual abuse of another boy: “Like many other homo-erotically inclined children, he was a special devotee of Batman: ‘Sometimes I read them over and over again. … It could be that Batman did something with Robin like I did with the younger boy.’ ”

What Tilley found in Wertham’s notes, however, was that the boy preferred “Superman,” “Crime Does Not Pay” and “war comics” over “Batman,” and that he had previously been sexually assaulted by the other boy – all information that Wertham left out.

I'd always though Wertham meant well but was
misguided about going after comics, but the
fact that he altered his research shows he had
little respect for factual accuracy.
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