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Thanks for the reply but at no time am I defending her, just re read my post for that to see that at no time have I said anything nice about her.

I read the DM online and if I see some headline from her which I know will be inflammatory I read it, mainly to see what response she gets and it is always the same, there are her dislikers, shooting from the hip and mostly to no avail because she bangs on about it regardless.

There always will be people who dont agree with you, they will be the ones she singles out to listen too, she will then ridicule her detractors because she is still getting the attention good or bad. I do think it gets to her because I have seen her mention it, Yes, it is all her fault and she could do something about it but she chooses the money way out to keep doing what she is doing.

It is not all for or all against as you have written it, there are shades of grey, like myself, who disliking all she stands for think that keeping on battling against her is fruitless because all she wants is attention good or bad. I know a lot of what she has done, not through reading all her articles but by reading this Forum, so may I repectfully ask that we not be lumped into one corner of likers or haters and thats that as some of us do not feel as strongly as others but still do not care for Liz Jones one iota.
Sorry to jump in your debate with another FM but I thought my own stance on this very subject might be of interest. When I first started reading Jones it was because a friend who used to be a journalist pointed me to her 'wedding planner' column. She told me she knew Jones and the prospective bloke and the whole thing was fake. It actually wasn't fake. That was just what some people who knew them both assumed because they were so mis-matched and Jones was such a weird cold fish, people thought it was a publicity stunt. It honestly wasn't.

But the wedding planner was a surefire diary of insanity and delusion... every week it seemed less likely any wedding would take place. The more it became clear their relationship was utterly abnormal and dysfunctional, the more pompous and narcissistic and controlling and ridiculous Jones got.

I read for a while the garbage about her 'marriage' which was not a marriage in any context or meaning of the word. Then I dropped reading it altogether as I completely lost interest....

Since the DM is free online I read her Dreary. I wasn't going to be one of those people who comment to say she nuts and point out the discrepancies as I felt why make any comment. Then I realised that there are some fake posters every week who write 'you're so funny, self-deprecating, witty, why don't you write a book / write your column every day / make a film'. Clearly those people are Jones or her agent. Clearly she spouts so many lies that the odd newcomer to the column, ie americans, believe in her lies and it has been known for swathes of lil ole ladies to send her money for her animals in the past. So I feel it necessary to write one post a week saying this woman is mentally ill, her drivel should not be published, etc. Especially when she purports to be dying of anorexia in one breath whilst clearly chunky in recent photos on the exact same site during the same week. Or when people say poor Liz has Aspergers, she doesn't. She absolutely 100% has Narcissistic Personality Disorder which naturally veers into psychosis every now and then. That is actually pretty damn serious. This woman isn't laughing at the readers, she isn't a con, she actually really is the person she portrays. She is off the scale insane. People who have known her in real life can vouch for this. It's not an act.

In that vein I did write to the Editor querying quite how a person of such massive mental illness for such sustained period of time should or could be encouraged let alone facilitated to be printed. I did the same when David Icke was sectioned under the mental health act and yet appeared on several chat shows. Ditto that boxer who lost the plot and built loads of caravans in his garden. It's not really OK to mock the afflicted. But in the circs where she is so horribly dishonest and manipulative and CLEARLY the vast majority of the supportive commenters are fake, I think there needs to be the balance redressed on the comments by the so called haters. Otherwise people send her money and food. They do anyway but its all we can do to let a few people know not to.

Other people say well commenting just encourages her. This simply isn't true. Her column gains little to no comments. Some news stories gain thousands of comments. Some rubbish columns gain hundreds. Her Diary gets less than 100 every week. That is not encouraging her. This thread being in 'showbiz' is. It should be moved to UK newspapers thread.
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