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OK, so if we can remove all the inflammatory talk of "likers" and "haters", can anybody who finds something positive to say about LJ please share it, in a grown up and logical, coherent way? Rather than "she loves animals" - I think this has been debunked now (anybody who truly loves animals treats them with respect, not like an 8 year old girl, attributing human feelings to them and expecting them to keep adoring her while she prolongs their misery), but an actual example of wit, or a story showing how she is compassionate or altruistic?
Please? Genuine question.
.... erm not strictly fitting in with the above -but-

Jones perversely engenders feminism.

By this I mean, her absolute misunderstanding of what feminism is, her complete absence of any ability to support another person male, female, child, baby, or even related, her venomous self-centred vitriol actually causes women who probably wouldn't be too bothered to go HEY I'M BLOODY WELL NOT LIKE THAT!!! Including single women, women who have no children, women who live alone, women who have only pets for friends.....

we all scream from the rooftops, this woman is not humane, she's nuts.... and when we do, we are triggered into a higher state of compassion and empathic care for each other and each other's feral giant children and screaming babies and check out ladies and unknown dying mothers than we ever would normally.
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