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I doubt PA is taking it all that seriously, it seems he won best international artist too, which is amusing.I mean its Malta we are talking about here,a little island..I dont blame the locals for complaining that one of their own was not chosen.
I never disliked him, though I can see that he is a bit cringey, immature and emotive.He has his good points and his bad. He did not deal with the marriage breakup very well and got drawn into too much negativity but neither did his ex. nor many other divorcees.It happens in emotional situations like divorce that people act badly and forget the impact on their kids.
Both KP and PA are guilty of this and both love attention and fame. They are very similar but to be fair KP goes to more extremes for attention even than PA or any other Zlister for that matter. I don't know why KP fans attack him and excuse her behaviour.
I don't think many people are interested in their lives now, people have had enough. He has certainly upgraded with that new g/f, very classy.She is an intelligent , hot quality woman, maybe the guy is not as bad as he is made out to be, to snare her.
Are you serious?


What classy woman would be seen dead out with that abomination?
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