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Thank you, Happydisaster.

Gilliedew, I'm sorry you didn't read my reply to you thoroughly enough to realise that I wasn't speaking to you particularly. Your argument was clear and you were not defending Liz - my request was for those who do to give us a little more idea why.

And Jenbonjovi, of course humour is objective. Which is one reason why I asked for examples so I can try to understand your point of view. Have you read my post closely? If so you should know that I explained my reasons for following Liz's articles. I suggest you read Happydisaster's contribution and consider whether you can discount what he/she says.Or are you indeed Liz Jones or someone writing for her? If not, it is a very simple request. I can tell you exactly what I find offensive about Liz's writing, Fatsia told us what she found funny that was not meant to be. Can you not provide at least one example?
I read and re read your post and it is a bit ambiguous in the part which we differ, so no problem, it happens on Forums where something is written one way and received in another, you know what you wrote and how you meant it but sometimes it doesnt follow through for others.

My bottom line is that not everyone cares enough about Liz Jones to list all her folibles and disasters, but it doesnt mean they are on her side.
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