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The thing to do would be to post "Liz is funny, for example..." then include something that you think is funny. We might disagree, but at least it beats the usual "Liz is funny !" blanket statement.

As for the loving animals bit... i think she loves the idea of having animals, but is singularly ill-equipped to actually care for them, or house-train them,or to realize when they're falling ill, or that they should be allowed to die with dignity rather than keeping them alive at great expense, and in some distress, just because "I can't live without them". That's not "loving animals", that's being desperately selfish.
This phenomena has reached epidemic proportions in the USA where a) people have more land and live more remotely, b) there are far more abandoned / stray / feral animals. It is known as Compulsive Pet Collecting Disorder. Exactly the same compulsion as hoarding. Sadly, it is hoarding innocent animals and affecting their little lives. Bizarrely, no matter how many animals starve, die, are infested with parasites, no matter HOW BAD it gets, the perpetrators always claim they love the animals and are 'saving' them. They can't afford the food, they don't use vets or have already run up debts with the vet, they also go away for sustained periods and leave no proper care for the animals either in freezing or boiling temperatures.

Sound familiar???
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