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Don't forget he also accused of abusing a man who was in his 40s at the time and the police also said 'he groomed a nation'
So you have to give him the credit that he was some sort of super human being to be in the public eye and
evade discovery in 50+ years (not making one single mistake) and according to the press had such a wide variety of sexual tastes (including the dead)
that no normal human could possibly have. So maybe he was from another world?
BIB 1) What are you talking about? He made plenty of mistakes - mistakes that were covered up by his pals (the police), and other members of authority. Be logical. He couldn't have carried on abusing for so long without being assisted by people in high places. Why are you so hell bent on defending a serial sexual predator????

BIB 2) Yeah - he was no normal human. I think that goes without saying.

Not another world. His own world where he freely admitted he had the 'ultimate freedom' to do exactly what he wanted - and boy, didn't he take advantage of that!
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