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Daily Mail
Publish Savile report in full, Lord Patten, or be damned. This calamitous blow to the BBC cannot be censored
I just read it and it seems that anything that was critical of management has been heavily redacted. So much for being open and honest about the report like Patten promised.

But BBC insiders have confirmed the ‘worst stuff’ affecting highly-paid corporation figures has been removed by lawyers.
Reminds me of Hillsborough and how South Yorkshire police made sure that junior police statements were altered to remove criticism of those in charge. No one seems to care about the truth. They only seen to care about protecting the reputation of those in highly-paid positions. That's the priority. However, the public 'own' the BBC in that our licence fee is what funds them, so they should cut the crap and give us the report in FULL without a single redaction.
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