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I wonder what odds Bellagio would give us on Liz Jones leaving Yorkshire and returning to London as soon as possible? It's obvious country life is not for her and she is already complaining about local services which won't endear her to her neighbours. In fact Sunday's Dreary is just one long moan.

I've often thought she needs a good psychiatrist and also a good financial adviser. She's obviously a fibber and a fantasist. It's beyond me how she gets away with so many discrepancies and contradictions. No doubt she thinks we all have short memories.

That article about her tango lesson contained a contradiction.
Some time ago she mentioned starting a dance troupe with some school friends at school and in her recent article she said she can't dance. This was also picked up by someone in the Mail's comments section. That person remembered her saying about the dance troupe, that she attended the Pineapple Dance Studio and that she was one of the backing dancers when Adam Ant was on tour. It was obvious from her stance that she couldn't dance.

I also noted in the photo where she wore jeans and a sweater that she was still wearing her wedding ring, albeit on her right hand. It seems to me she might still be hankering after that awful Nirpal and perhaps this FRS nonsense is a ruse to make him jealous - as if!
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