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BIB 1) What are you talking about? He made plenty of mistakes - mistakes that were covered up by his pals (the police), and other members of authority. Be logical. He couldn't have carried on abusing for so long without being assisted by people in high places. Why are you so hell bent on defending a serial sexual predator????

BIB 2) Yeah - he was no normal human. I think that goes without saying.

Not another world. His own world where he freely admitted he had the 'ultimate freedom' to do exactly what he wanted - and boy, didn't he take advantage of that!
I agree. There was certainly something not right with him, personality disorders, sociopathy/pscyhopathy, whatever it may be.

I just read it and it seems that anything that was critical of management has been heavily redacted. So much for being open and honest about the report like Patten promised.

Reminds me of Hillsborough and how South Yorkshire police made sure that junior police statements were altered to remove criticism of those in charge. No one seems to care about the truth. They only seen to care about protecting the reputation of those in highly-paid positions. That's the priority. However, the public 'own' the BBC in that our licence fee is what funds them, so they should cut the crap and give us the report in FULL without a single redaction.
I hope they push for the full (un edited) story to be published. Maybe their hoping that since the scandal has somewhat quietened down in the press and its perhaps seen as slightly old news, they can publish a briefer report which may simply imply one or two general mistakes were made but vow to not make them again, with hopes that'll be enough to appease the public (if that makes sense? it took me a while to try to word that ).
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