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I'm loving this series! So glad it has been renewed for a second series. Part of me is thinking that although they look to care a lot for each other, Rae and Finn wouldn't (and probably shouldn't) be together as a romantic couple. For the most part I think I would like them to be close friends and I think for there to be a second series they should stay friends as often in drama it seems to be difficult to keep a couple together without there being difficulties or it being boring to watch. Then again "my mad fat diary" has been a refreshingly 'real' drama so it might work.
I just hope Kester will be in series 2 too as well as Tix as they too have been extremely interesting characters to watch and the whole mental health/psychological issues is one of the things that helps set it apart.
About that, have they said what specific issues Rae has/had or is this something that'll come out in the series finale?
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