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Ha ha, i thought that looked a bit silly as well

I've just caught up on last weeks episodes, another predictable result - i really didn't think Mary-Ellen deserved to go through, either her food must have tasted wonderful or there was some favouritism going on!

Aiden is waaaaaaaay too intense for my liking but i was glad he got through to the banquet eventually.

I couldn't really understand all the gushing over his main course though what's a Pot Noodle got to do with the Flintstones? and where was the veg?
I love a bit of beef but i think you need to balance the protien and carbs with a few greens.

Possibly me just being synical here but I'm wondering if we're gonna be taken on a 'journey' with Aiden making it to the banquet and then his fiance agreeing to marring him on camera! Please No!

My favourite dish is still Michael's goat
I must be a cynic too. That's exactly the "journey" I think we'll be taken on.

And I don't really want to go.
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