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She did, as Harvey wasn't with her, and if the disabled person isn't present in the vehicle when you use the Blue Badge you can get fined 1000.
You are absolutely right about this.
However,loath as I am to even bring myself to defend her,the news story does strike me as being more about KP-bashing than outrage at a person using a disabled parking bay when they shouldn't.
Every single time I go to the supermarket,the disabled bays are full.
Out of every 10 cars,I would estimate that 3 are displaying blue badges and 7 are not.Not once have I seen a Parking Enforcement Officer issuing tickets,nor photographs of the drivers who are illegally using the disabled parking bays splashed all over the newspapers.
It doesn't in any way excuse HER doing it,but if people think she is the only person in the country parking where they shouldn't they're even dafter than she is.
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