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I think its odd for the reasons I mentioned, the angle is different sure but the sign post still looks like its in a different place. It's by the door rather than right at the front. I think the hedge should be visible in the second but it's missing. The pavement is different. And some feature has appeared in the wall. Also it's a golden opportunity to take a picture of her, the car and the road markings in one shot. Why crop it so tight?

As I said I don't like the woman, and I wouldn't put it past her to park in a disabled bay without Harvey, I don't think these photos are of the same place.
You don't seem to be au fait with the concept of perspective is all that I can say.

As you can hardly see the pavement in the first shot, how can you possibly say it's different in the second?

Anyway, if she feels the Sun are 'Dic*s' and telling porkies, lets see if she sues them.
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