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Maybe he can't be so bothered with that side of his life anymore. He spends most of his working life DJing now. He's also written some songs for other people. Due to the fact that most of his stuff is ignored by the radio stations, he's probably got fed up with being knocked back all the time. I know I would be and would rather concentrate on the areas of life that are successful, ie the DJing.
But DJ's don't generally work every day. They usually do gigs on Friday or Saturday because that's when people want to go out clubbing. What does he do the rest of the week?
If he just wants to work on djing, that's fine, but then he should be honest about that and not promise his fans albums that he has no intention of actually doing. He made this big fuss about how he was going to do a new album with Culture Club but it never happened plus also a solo covers album.
He doesn't necessarily need to be played on the radio to have success because he's already known with a following. Other artists from the 80's aren't played on the radio like Adam Ant, Duran Duran, Blondie, Cyndi Lauper but they still release stuff for their older fans.
He can dj if that's what he wants but I also can stop being a fan of him if that's all he does since that type of hard core techno music doesn't interest me. I'm not required to keep being his fan if he doesn't do something I enjoy.
But you're right he can't be bothered. He's lazy. He wants just money and fame he gets from djing, he doesn't care about creating art by writing good songs anymore.
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