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I'm a bit confused reading this thread. What else did Chantelle say besides, 'She's your daughter NOT your girlfriend'? I take it she has to have said more than that, going by the majority of comments here.

The comment by Alex is weird...there is a world of difference between a dad calling his daughter his girlfriend and a child thinking she will marry her daddy one day. I obviously know Alex would have meant nothing by it, but it WAS weird. Just not the done thing. Yet for the life of me I cannot see where he has been 'blasted' by Chantelle??? Her tweet is nothing.
She was basically trying to make out he was some kind of wrong'n on twitter because of an innocent photo. If you read back you will see how somebody pointed out to her that her mate Mario had said much the same on another pic. Her response 'yes but he's not her father' or some such nonsense. I'm sorry but she's a stupid idiot
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