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george has released hundreds of songs over the years some under different names such as the twin & jesus loves you.
george plays many gigs so i'm sure he does work hard but I don't understand what happened with the culture club album.
They played sydney didn't they new years eve so hopefully it will come out soon I hope he isn't back on drugs.
He'd look pretty stupid if he did since he's said on various shows such as alan tichmarsh & this morning saying how he's clean.
His voice has changed alot probably due to smoking and drugs such a shame he didn't look after it better.
I loved that pure voice he used to have he can still sing though.
He's used to release more stuff back in the 1990's. I did enjoy Jesus Loves You. But recently he hasn't released too much and when he has it has been more of the techno sound like the Twin which I personally don't care for. He did a few solo live gigs about three or four years ago but not much recently.
CC did a live gig in Sydney but one member of CC wasn't there, Jon Moss. He was rumored to be ill or something but no clear explanation was ever given by George on his website or Facebook, which I found very strange.
I heard a recent interview with George where he said there were no plans for any CC reunion but he is working on solo stuff. He acted like he never said there was going to be a reunion.
I agree with you about his voice not being what it used to be.
I guess George is an acquired taste as a person. Some people find him funny and entertaining, but I find him kind of cruel, bitchy, and unncessarily rude and aggressive. He's kind of mean to people on twitter.
I also feel he's not always honest with people. He promises one thing, but then doesn't do it and never gives an explanation for why. I just in general find him a very difficult person lacking in integrity, although I can admire his talent as a singer and songwriter.
I don't necessarily think he's back on drugs though. People can lose weight through diet and exercise. He's always been kind of difficult and doesn't follow through on things. I think it's just his nature, not because of drugs.
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