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Apparently he and whatsherface were treated like a King and Queen when they went to Malta music awards.

Writing in his new! magazine column, he said: ''Emily and I had an amazing time in Malta last week and were treated like a king and queen! While we were there, we were invited to the President's palace - which was incredible - and we also visited a local children's hospital.
Known by the locals as The Mater Dei hospital which isn't solely for children... who I'm sure were clueless as to the tangerine bloke roaming the wards.

I was in Malta to perform at the Malta Music Awards, and as a surprise they gave me the Cultural Ambassador award for my charity work, in addition to the Best International Artist award.''
I thought he got it because some politician wanted to use the audience of PA's reality show to boost tourism!
"On the request of his promoters, Mr Andre met up with Valletta mayor Alexei Dingli at the President’s Palace....
Dr Dingli said he was aware of the social media uproar: “The title can be misleading perhaps. He does not represent the culture of Valletta, we’re just seeing it from a promotion point of view.”
Mr Andre will be promoting Valletta – for free – on his reality programme on ITV2 called My Life and he will be returning in summer to discuss possibility of “further collaboration”.

Gosh, not one mention of Andre's "charity work"

While Emily enjoyed herself on the trip, Peter said its only the tip of the iceberg, as he is lining up even more special treats for the love of his life.

Writing in his new! magazine column, he revealed: ''Emily hasn't really been on any trips like that with me, and it was a real treat. I can't wait to spoil her even more.''

Hasn't she got a job as doctor yet? Or is she not bothered with all that medicine malarkey now that she's replaced Jordan as Pete's consort of choice?
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