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Had me in tears. I have been watching the show as I have been in a very similar dilemma since I was 13. 17 was my most serious attempt at suicide. And this show has really hit home with a lot of my emotions. I am someone on high anti depressants and I know how it feels to just want to throw it away and regain some control because sometimes the meds feel like they are taking over. Basically I felt the show was rather realistic, I have the stunning friend. I was on the opposite end of Rae's eating, I was anorexic, but i understood the food issues, the diary. To me, the show was amazing, and helped me with a few issues I'm still struggling with. I have already called my mum to apologize for all I put her through and the same to my best friend. I am well pleased there is a 2nd series. I can't wait to see how things develop.
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