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"Oh wow, he's got the perfect diet and fitness regime!"
Er, no, he's more likely got a gastric band and a skilled surgeon to give him a nip and tuck. 51 year old men do not look 29 any other way, especially former (I hope) heroin addicts with weight issues.
The nutritionist in question has tweeted heartily in support of his weightloss and 'new look'. She has her reputation to consider (and she has an excellent one) and I doubt very much she'd do this if she hadn't worked with him on his health plan. And although I'm not a follower of his, he's always had really good skin and the fact he wears make-up and doesn't go in the sun much, combined with a vegan diet, plus the health regime he's been on, would account for the fact it looks so good. That and his great cheekbones.

And no, he doesn't look anything like 29 but he does look very good and could easily pass for 10 years younger than he is.
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