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Ah, but that was the programmed Arby, he was bad (in a good way). "Clean" Arby is a kick-ass force for good (albeit sometimes in a bad way).
I disagree Arby is Arby. He does what needs to be done to get his mission accomplished. That will be tieing to a tree, breaking arms and fingers and grabbing something ofal. It is bullets to the head to get compliance, set up a patsy or just to waste the opposition.

I think Jessica might be in trouble. Arby is a killer - it's all he knows. Twice she's disappointed Arby - he's a fan for Chrissake! The first time he was so bemused at her performance he asked "Where is Jessica Hyde" and walked off. The second time she said she's rip the life from him but left him alive. I think his fandom is waning.

Look out Jess! And I love Arby as the most developed anti-hero I've seen in a long time.
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