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Among those horrified after the ITV1 game show was the husband of James Bulger’s mum Denise Fergus, 45.

Stuart Fergus, 37, condemned the donation as “ill advised”. Speaking just days after the 20th anniversary of two-year-old James’s appalling murder, he insisted: “There are so many more deserving charities. What about the victims’ families?”

Are they becoming rentagobs now? Absolutely nothing to do with them.
I think that is unfair - I think they are wrong but understandably so. I can't imagine - mostly because as mum of a child only a year older than James was I don't want to think about it too much - what it's like to not only lose a child that little but lose to the vindictiveness of others and know that their last moments were full of terror and pain. I realise that Thompson and Venables acted that way because their own familiies were so disfuctional but if it was your child would you care about that - probably not.

I admire people like Gordon Wilson (father of Mari a nurse killed by the Eniskillen IRA bombing) who can see beyond the horrific destruction of their own child to try and solve the problem that caused it but appreciate that this may be beyond most people and with a very young child this may be even harder.

That said I think Catherine has done the right thing and the reaction does say a lot about public preduice - most people don't have the reasons that the Ferguses and Bulgers have to be so against it.
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