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I don't think that's fair. I think recoiling from criminals is a much more natural reaction than the woolly liberal one.

Also, I consider myself pretty left leaning in politics but one thing I hate about the left is how some try and act like those who don't agree are below their own intelligence or are not wordly enough to understand where the more liberal view might stem from. It's the sort of attitude that makes people retreat further into any right-wing views they might have rather than getting them to see whatever light you want them to see.
Why is is so difficult to see that families of prisoners need support? Why should having a family member in prison automatically exclude them from any compassion, as if they somehow hold some responsibility for the actions of that family member? For the most part, I'd suggest they don't, so why should they be treated as if they share the guilt of the guilty party?

And having a generic view of 'criminals' - as if they're all the same and come with the same backgrounds, histories and mindsets - is not helpful. People end up in prison for all sorts of reasons, not all because they're scum or rotten to the core.
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