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I didn't say that. Recoiling from criminals isn't the same as having a generic view, but I do believe it is a natural reaction. Whether it's right or wrong, I don't know. But I do believe we have the right to try and protect ourselves by going with our gut.
What has that got to do with the innocent families who are often the silent victims? Do we need to "protect ourselves" from normal citizens, simply because they're related to criminals?
From what I'm reading, people in this thread seem to think it wrong to be wary of criminals in general. I find that bizarre. But maybe I'm misreading.
In which case, please quote the specific posts in which such comments were made.

I have seen nothing like that (nor anything that seems vaguely like that) on this thread.
I was wrong there, that's true.

I just don't like the way those who did a double take at her choice of charity are being "shouted" at like naughty/stupid kids.
Please find me any intelligent and rational objections to Catherine's choice of charity. Anyone who assumes the relatives of criminals must be "dole scum" deserves to be treated like a child.
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