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You don't seem to be au fait with the concept of perspective is all that I can say.

As you can hardly see the pavement in the first shot, how can you possibly say it's different in the second?

Anyway, if she feels the Sun are 'Dic*s' and telling porkies, lets see if she sues them.
The first pavement is clearly tarmac, the second is paving - although neither photo shows the same 'bit' - so it could be half/half.

There also seems to be too much of a shift in where the pole appears for it just to be perspective.

I dunno.. it could be the same place, but I understand perspective very well and I don't think the its quite right (we'll have to agree to disagree on that) - there must have been dozen of photos taken, why didn't they choose a photo where she's on her own and the lines are clearly showing - or one where the hedge shows, or the wall feature, or the second lamp post. Essentially any of the things which would irrevocably prove its the same place.
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