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I still don't trust Milner. Might not be what's intended but there's much about Milner that just doesn't sit right with me.

No I'm not

Everything Arby does is a mission. The latest was his own but, as he said to Jessica "Of course. That's why I'm here". Not because anyone had sent him. This was HIS mission for himself.

Are we watching the same show? Jess was uncharacteristically trembling as she held the gun up to him. There's anger, for sure, but I think she showed fear, too. Arby shows no fear at all. And I agree with you, his "journey" has been immense and totally credible down to the writing and the fantastic portrayal from Neil Maskell.

And we interpret this scene quite differently. Which helps to make this show as great as it is and this discussion thread the hotbed of ideas it is.

Again - interpretation differences. I hear his intonation quite differently as those that preceeded. It was like a "Where is the girl I've admired as an uber killer all this time?" sort of delivery rather than an "I can't see you" thang! IMHO

Can't disagree with you there!

These two are fascinating, deep and well rounded characters. Both beautifully played, as well. I would put Wilson Wilson (so good they named him twice) and Dugdale in there, too. All very different but expertly played. Of course, the former two are arguably unlikeable so makes it more astonishing that we like them so much!

Discloser - I'm not a mass murderer, either
We'll just have to agree to disagree, then-I think we've read Jessica and Arby almost entirely differently! Wilson is also brilliantly played though, I'll agree with that.
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