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The only reported history of Pricey being involved in a disability parking dispute I can find is when an elderly man thought he should get the space and not KP and her kids, including harvey, seems to be for some its ok for others to break the law, as long as their names not Katie Price

How do we know the elderly man wasn't disabled?

She came out of this looking like a screaming harpy in any case, so she's not in the right.

'At first she told him, "Mind your f****** business" but then she saw red when he wouldn't let the issue go. She told him she was entitled to park there because of Harvey, who she is very protective of.'

Price is thought to have been on a Good Friday shopping trip with Reid, Harvey as well as four-year-old son Junior and daughter Princess Tiaammii, two.
The family were allegedly approached by the couple after packing the car with purchases from Toys R Us, situated next to Comet.
The source continued: 'The man was inside the store when Jordan suddenly appeared. She stormed after him and let rip one again. She was screaming and shouting at him in front of shoppers, but she didn't care who was watching or listening.'
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