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It's no classic but it's nowhere near as bad as the review claims - it's a fairly enjoyable action film. It is the least Die Hard-like film of the five (in my opinion) and definitely not in the same league as the original or With a Vengence but it's certainly not awful.
Sorry but i beg to differ, the film is awful, it makes Live Free or Die Hard look brilliant by comparison (at least LFoDH felt Die Hard-ish, this could just be a poor Bourne knock off). The screenplay has some of the most atrocious dialogue i've seen in a theatrically released film, the villain is a horrifyingly poor caricature that is instantly forgotten (before this film, the Die Hard films all had memorable villains, even weaker ones like Timothy Olyphant's hacker in the fourth film at least had character), and the action scenes are pathetic, especially when they used CGI. Then there's the cuts to get a 12A rating on top of all that...The film fails in just about every aspect and it completely deserves the critical drubbing that it's getting.

I say all of that as a long time Die Hard fan. This abomination was not a Die Hard film.
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