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I have a friend who is a smoker and although a mutual friend of ours is dying of lung cancer (and is a smoker) she still insists smoking did not contribute to lung cancer. She insists that children get cancer so it has nothing to do with smoking!! Some heavy smokers are deluded and will insist that smoking does not affect your health and then come out with stories about people in their nineties who have smoked all their lives!! She is furious that she can no longer smoke in restaurants and have to to outside!!! She just does not want to accept the truth, no mater what you say!!! AND she will never stop smoking!!! By the way, I have never, ever smoked a ciggies in my life!!
I'm a lifelong non smoker too, so I would be very happy to dance with you girl
But yes, most smokers are in so much denial of the truth that they are kiiling themselves with the noxicous weed, they will never give up.

My philosophy is, there are enough problems you may have inherited from your family or can catch, without indulging in proven life-shorteners to make matters worse, such as nicotine & tar, or alcohol in excess.
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