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The "gastric band!" and "he's been under the knife!" reactions do make me laugh. Can a person not simply lose weight by more traditional means over a period of time? No, course not.... Also not everyone over a certain age will look automatically look older when losing weight, especially if it's done over a significant period of time. There is such a thing as good genes, good bone structure, a healthy diet and well, simply being very lucky. I personally think (sorry George. I do think you are utterly gorgeous) that his err, strong nose helps to keep everything in place!
What makes me laugh are the gullible ones who swallow all this guff about good genes, diet etc. The type that actually believed that for all those years she denied surgery Joan Collins has been holding back time with careful eating!
It's not guff at all about people having good genes. There is such a thing, and the saying 'you are what you eat' is true. When you eat foods that are live and overflowing with vitamins, you look a darned sight better than if you live on greasy chips and burgers. And away from the celebrities, when you actually KNOW people who eat very healthily and look great and you know they haven't had anything done, then it's believable. I can tell when people have had plastic or cosmetic surgery, yes even Joan Collins. I could tell she'd had a face lift years back. George shows no signs of having had any work done. He may have had a few facials etc but there's no plastic surgery there. His is diet, maybe a few facials, a few collagen waves maybe, but no surgery.
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