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Die Hard 5 is abysmal. An embarassment to a franchise that should have remained a trilogy. Willis was a bit part in his own film, just running around yelling 'Jack' or 'I'm on vacation!' (hilarious -not). I couldn't even grab a few mins shut eye in the cinema, because most of the film is subtitled! The action staging was atrocious, constant zooming in to create a false sense of urgency. Over the top automobile destruction, with Mclane walking away unscathed. Ridiculous. Lame villains, convoluted plot, no sense of danger, pathetically (but mercifully) short run time...i could go on.

I thought LFADH was just about passable as a belated, but unecessary addition to the series. A Good Day to Die Hard ain't even fit to kiss that film's boots. Biggest turkey I've seen in a long time. Hopefully, Bruce Willis (and Arnie + Sly), will retire from the action genre and either do more character pieces (ala Sixth Sense / Unbreakable), or step behind the camera. Rating - 1/10..and that 1 is for the musical score only.
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