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So glad they finally did it and got together! and LOL @ Beth and Mike.

I too am confused at to whether that was the last ever episode or just of this series, the continuity announcer was quite ambiguous about it - saying it was 'the last episode of Pramface' and reading tweets from the cast who have said they 'loved working on the show'. I wasn't at all thinking it could be the end and once he'd said that I kinda realised that they had left the show at a point where you could get a bit of closure from the storyline and most things had been wrapped up and it wasn't on a cliffhanger like last time with Laura giving birth. I had been thinking for weeks the next natural progression in storyline and end-of-series cliffhanger would surely be for Jamie to propose? Although Laura hasn't admitted she loves him yet (which will annoy me if this is the end) so perhaps that would've been a bit difficult.

I hope it's not though, definitely preferred this series to last and it's a nice watch once a week. I think they could develop it a bit further.
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