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I wanted to know about that DVD too. Wonder what's on it?

The book looks amazing as it allowed a little preview thingy on Amazon, can't wait to get it!
damn. I've just read the bits on amazon and it's fascinating. I'm trying to be really good and wait till the price comes down 16.50 is a lot for a book for me.
On the other hand I've just d/l the actual book onto my Kindle. All for zero price. It gives a whole new meaning to "You'd have to pay me to read it" doesn't it?
It took me aeons to read it years ago. I figure I can just dip in and out now it's on my Kindle.

(I rate it's chances of getting read right through again at slim to none. )

EDIT: Oh buggar! My finger involuntarily pressed *Order with One Click* on the book. It's got a delivery date of Thursday!!! As long as it's got plenty of Hugh Jackman and Eddie Redmayne in it too.

I totally blame you maddiesdoor.
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