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Scarlett's (who plays Laura) posts on Twitter seem to suggest there won't be a third series!!!

The end is nigh for #pramface! BOO! keep tweeting @bbcthree to get yours read out live on air after the show. Let the best twitterers win x
Had the time of my life making #pramface. Cheers so much for all the comments, you lot are amazing. Enjoy the final hurrah.(I will NOT cry)
Although, just seen the BBC3 account respond to someone asking about a third series and they said:

@carigelkins @Scarlett_AJ We're still waiting for news - we'll let you know as soon as we know!
But I'm sure the cast are pretty sure of the chances of it coming back before its officially decided so Scarlett's tweets really worry me.

Such a shame. The first series, I enjoyed. But it didnt actually make me laugh. I enjoyed watching it but didnt see it as a comedy.

But this series has really picked up. I've found it genuinely funny (Jamie's parents are particularly great) and I really think it could be a huge hit! Given the right promotion (the trailer for this series, which was just part of a general BBC3 trailer, looked really dull and made me unsure about it so I'm sure it didnt persuade any new viewers) and if a potential third series is up to the level of series 2, I think it could be really popular.

The only thing that frustrated me this series was how they seemingly ignored Jamie and Laura getting together at the end of the last series.

It seems the writers want a third series as they've left so many 'cliffhangers'. Laura's Dad threatening to divorce, Mike and Beth having slept together and Jamie and Laura's relationship. So I'm sure the writers want to do more, I guess it's down to BBC3! I prey this series got decent ratings (Wikipedia are missing them) and that the show comes back.


From Sean's, who plays Jamie, twitter..

...fingers crossed for series 3 ay! #PRAMFACE
(Responding to a query if that was the last episode) @Lotte_Clem of the series yes. For ever?...hope not :/ x
I say if you want a 3rd series of #pramface... Then let your feelings be known! Go to BBC three website and let them know!
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