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From CDAN:

$450K For One Night

How much would you pay to spend the night with someone? Would you pay $450K? That was the price paid for one night with this A list reality star. Let me back up though and tell you how this all came to be. Back in the day this man was a little starstruck, and he had very big pockets. So, he started a company which really does not make very much money, but he used it as a tool to meet the stars he always wanted to meet. 95% of them are women and 95% of them he wanted to not only meet, but to have sex with. When he approached the first few women with his offers he was told that things could be arranged, but perhaps it would be best for everyone if these meetings happened outside of the country. No problem said the man.

The first few meetings were with the usual suspects. This former B list mostly movie actress turned gift loving fiend. The former B list mostly television actress who makes her living off reality television. The former A list reality star who turned into a hated C list celebrity. Our man was not happy with those. He wanted more and ended up with more, but at some point he decided on his ultimate prize and paid $450k for one night. This one night though had repercussions that no one could have foreseen when it happened. What was supposed to be a quick pay day could cost multiples more than that if it is forced to the light as some people want it to be.
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