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The headline "Catherine Tyldesley spent time in jail" is so misleading that I wonder if it's actually libelous?

Perhaps the defenders of truth and justice at the Sun should hack Catherine's phone, just to be on the safe side?
You may well be right about libel actually, or defamation at least. A cursory look at Wiki gives this, and I would have thought the BiB could apply.

English law allows actions for libel to be brought in the High Court for any published statements alleged to defame a named or identifiable individual or individuals in a manner that causes them loss in their trade or profession, or causes a reasonable person to think worse of them. Allowable defenses are justification (the truth of the statement), fair comment (whether the statement was a view that a reasonable person could have held), and privilege (whether the statements were made in Parliament or in court, or whether they were fair reports of allegations in the public interest).
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