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No, you misunderstand me. I mean that this forum is for the most part light and fairly inconsequential, dealing as it does in the main with random celebrity and increasingly, random zelebrity. I don't think this thread belongs here anymore, now that it's focused so intently on the outcome of the various investigations into child abuse and paedophilia. That is not 'Showbiz'.

And no need to offer the 'no need to read' option, thanks, I'm not saying the thread isn't important and doesn't hold a great deal of very useful info/links, I'm just agreeing with Nesta Robbins above re it's current relevance on the Showbiz forum.
Save our Thread

I agree with what you say in theory but because of the length of the thread now, if it goes into GD there will be many who haven't read any of the links by BB, information and and thoughts and experiences and everything around that and will not do so. The tone of the thread will be overtaken and hijacked and even closed down which would be a waste of information and background to this case and the topic as a whole.

It has become a legendary thread in its own lifetime on Showbiz.
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