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Oh for pete's sake. Yes, of course *some* family members are complicit in what their criminal other halves do, but why assume that's the norm and applies across the board? Why condemn everyone with a family member in prison with that ridiculously narrow and biased brushstroke?
^ This ^

There are all types of people in prison , for all sorts of different crimes.
I have a neighbour whose son was sent to prison , the family had been harassed on almost a daily basis by a gang of local youths , one day he completely lost it and attacked the boys with a metal pole , seriously injuring one young lad.
He rightly spent a few years in jail , it could have been worse , but due to the provocation , his sentence was less than it could have been.
His family suffered though ,his children were targeted at school , nasty comments shouted after his wife and his parents , basically life was made difficult for his whole family.
Did he deserve to go to jail , yes , his reaction was way over the top.
Did his family deserve to be punished with him , no , none of that was their doing.
Not everyone in prison is a Mafia Don type , crimes much the same as criminals vary.
Sometimes the family left behind are victims too.
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