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Is it only me who finds him completely and utterly insufferable? He so far up his own behind I'm surprised he knows what day of the week it is.

Does he have any ordinary friends? And by ordinary I mean non celebrities. People who do normal jobs? He just loves parading him famous "buddies" about doesn't he? Look here he is again:

And look his "shadow" Harry is with him as always. Why does Nick never invite the other member of 1D to these things? He right gets on my wick, why did they have to get rid of Chris Moyles? I know so many people who have switched off since they replaced him with "Grimmers".

I never thought I'd see the day when Heart Breakfast was more appealing that the R1 Breakfast Show!
He talks about his non-famous friends all the time on the breakfast show (his friend Aimee, Colette, his trainer Mackenzie, to name but a few that I remember because he tells so many stories about them). He said himself in an interview that he has plenty of 'normal' friends, but that the press aren't interested in writing about them. I find his reputation as arrogant really bizarre, he's incredibly self-deprecating on all the things I've ever seen/heard him on, and always very funny. The butt of the joke in most of his stories is usually himself.
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